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Vaneese Johnson pours jewels of wisdom in her new book - BOLDISMS: Disruptive Thoughts to Help YOU live BOLD, BIG, & BAD!

the Book

It is a known fact that words, phrases, and messages we tell ourselves shape who we become.

What you mentally feed yourself has the power to imminently shape your response and ultimately sets the path for negative or positive outcomes.

Boldisms™ are disruptive thoughts to help you shake out of your old way of thinking, stop applying colloquialisms (Girl, it must not be my time, God must not wanted me to have it, I can't win for losing, No pain, no gain) and break the pattern of adopting other's comments and ways of thinking as your own.

This book will disrupt your pattern of self-talk, give you pause and a new way of thinking from a place of creating or responding to a life experience or event in a way that will intentionally shape the outcome that is best for you.

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This powerful book is available in Physical Bundle & Digital Bundle

(Containing the Book & Workbook)

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Physical Bundle


Includes Print & Workbook

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Digital Bundle


Includes Digital & Workbook

about the Author

Vaneese Johnson - The Boldness Coach™ is an Award Winning Global Speaker and Leadership Coach, Author, Certified Career Management Coach, Business & Personal Brand Strategist. She is also the founder of the Global Movement, No Permission Needed™ where she invites women to take up residence in the realm of self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-direction to own and live the life you were born to live.

As a powerhouse possibility creator and transform instigator, Vaneese teaches and empowers today's women leaders through her proprietary success fundamentals of Branding Out Loud Daily (BOLD), Building in Your Gifts (BIG), and being Branded and Distinctive (BAD) to accentuate their professional presence with authenticity and authority while making purposeful impact in the world. Her strategic approach allows clients to better connect their talent, skills and values across diverse groups and industries resulting in relevant, high-impact engagement.

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Book Testimonials
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"Vaneese Johnson shows us how to give ourselves the self-talk that will help us live a life without permission. This book offers amazing quotes to disrupt our way of thinking and move us into powerful action." 

-Alex Okorji, Actress, Best Selling Author & Global Influencer
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