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Empowering Women

to live bold, big, & bad
with no permission needed!
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Let me help you eliminate self-doubt, self-sabotage and bouts of imposter syndrome so you can really discover your uniqueness, recognize your innate gifts and traits so you can intentionally design and live your best life. 

"1 want to offer women the chance to play in the possibility of what their life could be with a new career, satisfying relationship, or increased income." 

This is a space to find support and sisterhood as you uplevel into the next chapter of your life 

We arc a community of sisters coming together to support one another as we navigate phases of reinvention and transition in our lives. Join us for uplifting conversation, practical resources, and a whole lot of laughter and fun. Whether you arc transitioning into a new career, relationship, or simply a new outlook on life, we want to help you step into it with


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Boldness Coaching is a coaching style that was designed to help women become audacious and unapologetic through gaining clarity about who she is, what she wants in her life and ultimately be brave enough to take a stand for becoming who she was always meant to be. 

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"With Vaneese's vibrant personality, she literally changed the entry in the room and provided insightful and valuable information. She shared new insights on using social media to land a job and brand yourself and involved the whole audience with her interactive style. She puts the "P" in pizazz." 

Rita C.
Chairman of Speakers Bureau
Event organizer
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