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We are vulnerable.
We are supportive.
We are honest. We are sisters.

We are a community of sisters coming together to support one another as we navigate phases of reinvention and transition in our lives. All of our transitions are different. Some of us arc transitioning from career woman to entrepreneur or wife to divorcee. Others are becoming homeowners, or starting a journey towards health. Every story is different, but we all have one thing in common, our desire to live Bold, Big, and Bad Lives as we enter into our next chapters. This is where we come for uplifting conversation, practical resources, and a whole lot of laughter and fun. 

Empowering Women


exclusive community

Be a part of authentic conversations with like minded women. Find sisterhood and friendship as you commune at our "virtual kitchen table." Be vulnerable, share your wisdom, and learn from women who have been

exactly where you are  

Practical Resources

This is a space for action, and taking the steps to creating the lives we desire. In this community you will be given practical tools and strategies to help you tackle the challenges that impact your life the most. From finances and travel, to relationships and career life, you will be given the resources to help you improve your life. 

Valuable Experiences

One of our guiding principles is that we have fun. Prom in person retreats to virtual conferences, we come together to make memories and strengthen Our bonds. 


How To Join

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